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MEND was conceived out of a passion to not only bring great loose leaf teas to the masses but also to make it easy to pick and choose the perfect blend for the perfect frame of mind.

MEND consists of 3 UK tea maniacs; Eugene, Gav and Pavel, all self confessed tea maniacs and we drink it by the gallon. Needless to say we have tried and tested all of our blends (more times to even think) and we’re confident the experience you have with our tea will keep you coming back.

LOOSE LEAF tea helps save on packaging and in turn helps save the environment and we strive to keep all of our packaging as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. Most tea bags are not compostable, and of those that are, very few people make the effort to compost them. Loose leaf tea reduce the amount of packaging you're using and can be directly thrown onto the compost heap

Love the leaf