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on June 07, 2020

One thing that working in an office which always "worried me" was how much coffee I was drinking.

It started with instant coffee and quickly moved on cafetieres and then bean to cup machines. 

Now, I will admit that I still drink copious amounts of the coffee variety but the one thing that really annoyed me was that making a cup of tea lasted only a few minutes, 10 to be exact before it got cold and ended up tasting like Grandma's pantry. 

I'll admit now that I'm a green tea fanatic from an early age (even though I'm from Yorkshire... Shhhhh). I remember going to Chinese supermarkets in Birmingham with my dad and we would drink wonderful green tea when we were there and I just felt great after drinking it and ready for whatever the day was going to throw at me. I *LOVE* green tea. The feeling that it's going to detox your insides as well as the deep deep history and ceremony behind it. 

So, I drank endless cups of green tea at work using a teabag but the experience was never the same, you'll never find an office in the UK (in my experience) that puts the onus on a green tea or a peppermint tea in a teapot and serves it with the reverence that it deserves. 

I then realised that cafetieres were not just for our little bean machines, but could also work really well as a steeper in this teabag culture we have now. 

Ditch the bags and steep away!

Throw those leaves in, fill with boiling water and pop by your desk. Its a proper revelation (if you're not already doing it) and it helps with everyday tasks and you don't damn well go thirsty. 

Here’s a good method that we found!


PS We'll have a range of Teafetieres to buy very soon, watch this space!